40% Vodka

Gecko Nordic Vodka

Our delicate and refined Twovodk Vodka is produced from 100% neutral grain grown in isolation in Nordic fields and blended with pure water from a fluvio-glacial underground lake.

This process means that the pH level is higher in the water we use for our vodka, leaving a smooth, crisp taste.

Having mastered our original base Vodka, we expanded our production to include an amazing range of delectable Flavoured Vodkas including the Original Caramel Vodka, Chocolate Vodka and the refreshingly delicious Apple Vodka. To view a full list of our delicious Vodka flavours please click here »

Other Information

70cl | A.B.V: 40% / 80 proof | Aluminium Quick-Chill™ Bottle
Made from tri-distilled Twovodk Nordic Vodka
If you are interested in stocking Caramel Vodka get in touch with us on info@geckovodka.com or through the online form on our Contact Us page