Chocolate Vodka

Gecko Chocolate Vodka

Our mouthwatering Gecko™ Chocolate Vodka (Xocolat Vodka) is textured, light-bodied and brims with the irresistible aroma and flavor of chocolate. Our Chocolate Vodka smells and tastes as heavenly as you imagine it would, perhaps even better.

It has a medium-weight, textured body and an attention-grabbing bouquet of cocoa. Within moments of tasting it, the vodka fills the mouth with the warm captivating flavours of chocolate, caramel and freshly ground cocoa. Its luxurious palate thankfully lingers for just the right amount of time.

Perfectly balanced and brimming with flavour, Gecko Chocolate Vodka has an almost unlimited repertoire of applications. Not only will it contribute a singularly marvellous chocolate dimension to your cocktails, it will do so without adding unwanted sweetness.

Gecko™ Chocolate Vodka Cocktails

Have you ever heard of a Koko Loco, how about a Chocolate Orange, or An After Eight perhaps? If you want the ingredients to some delicious nu-formula cocktails make your way over to our cocktail recipe page.

Other Information

70cl | A.B.V: 30% / 60 proof  | Aluminium Quick-Chill™ Bottle
Made from tri-distilled Twovodk Nordic Vodka
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