Caramel Vodka

Gecko® Caramel Vodka

Gecko™ Caramel Vodka is sinfully smooth, achieving the perfect balance between Nordic Twovodk Vodka and the most exquisite caramel. Gecko Caramel Vodka is the original caramel vodka, equally good on it’s own or in a mixed drink.

Guaranteed to leave your taste-buds in disbelief, Gecko Caramel Vodka has a rich caramel candy aroma with just a touch of alcohol that is almost completely hidden under the sweetness. It goes down easy, blending a strong flavour of rich caramel with a delicious underlying wheat vodka flavour that filters through.

Perfect as the key mix in cocktails it can also be enjoyed on it’s own and makes the perfect after dinner aperitif which can be had straight, chilled or at room temperature. We have a number of delicious Gecko Caramel Cocktails so why not have a look at them and see what you can create.

Other Information

70cl | A.B.V: 30% / 60 proof | Aluminium Quick-Chill™ Bottle
Made from tri-distilled Twovodk Nordic Vodka
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