Geko Apple Vodka

Gecko Apple Vodka

Our mouthwatering Gecko™ Apple Vodka is the fusion of crisp, green apples with our tridistilled vodka. It distinguises itself from other apple flavoured vodkas by the fact that it is not simply a vodka with a hint of apple, but rather delivers a tantalising and refreshing apple taste with a fruity aroma.

Made from natural ingredients, our Apple Vodka can be enjoyed neat, over ice or as part of a cocktail mix. It’s light green colour means that it can be mixed with just about anything without overpowering the aesthetic side of the cocktail. It’s tastebud tingling aroma lends a delicious crisp and fresh impression to any mixed drink.

We find that often the simpler the better, thats why one of our most popular drinks is the Gecko™ Apple Screwdriver, a simple mix of crushed ice, Gecko™ Apple Vodka and Pure Orange Juice.

Other Information

70cl | A.B.V: 20% / 40 Proof | Aluminium Quick-Chill™ Bottle
Made from tri-distilled Twovodk Nordic Vodka
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