Gecko Flavours

Caramel Vodka 

Gecko® Caramel Vodka

Gecko Caramel Vodka is sinfully smooth, achieving the perfect balance between Nordic Twovodk Vodka and the most exquisite caramel…
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Apple Vodka Cocktails 

Gecko® Apple Vodka

Our mouthwatering Gecko Apple Vodka is the fusion of crisp, green apples with our tridistilled vodka and delivers a tantalising taste…
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Chocolate Vodka Cocktails 

Gecko® Chocolate Vodka

Our delicious Gecko Chocolate Vodka (Xocolat Vodka) is textured, light-bodied and brims with the irresistible aroma and flavor of chocolate…
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Gecko Vodka 

Gecko® Twovodk Vodka

Our delicate and refined Twovodk Vodka is produced from 100% neutral grain grown in isolation in Nordic fields and blended with pure glacial water from an underground lake…
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Mixed Berry Vodka Cocktails 

Gecko® Mixed Berry Vodka

Our nectarous Gecko Berry Vodka encompasses our signature silkiness with a slight hint of soft fruits. The tangy berry finish is long and fresh with a wonderful fruity aroma…
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Gecko® POP

Gecko Pop Amaretto is a classic cocktail drink you can enjoy anywhere with friends, and is best drunk straight over crushed ice with a liberal dash of sunshine…
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